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ATTENTION! If the contract provides for the provision of the pump Certificate of Conformity TR CU 010/2011, you have the right to issue a declaration of conformity TR CU 010/2011 or declaration TR CU 010/2011 scheme 5d.

All pumps and pump units (liquid centrifugal pumps, piston pumps, centrifugal pumps, submersible and semi-submersible, single-stage, etc.) Shall be subject to compliance podtverzhedniyu TR CU 010/2011 in the form of declaration.

p. 11. Pumping equipment (pumps, pumping units and installations). (Appendix №3 TR CU 010/2011 list of the objects of technical regulation subject to conformity with technical regulations of the Customs Union "On Safety of machinery and equipment" in the form of declaration of conformity).

Thus, for the sale and operation of the pump is sufficient to have a declaration TR CU 010/2011.

If the pumps and pumping units are operated at hazardous production facilities, the applicant shall be declared on the declaration of the scheme 5d. Details about how to obtain a declaration TR CU 010/2011 scheme 5d.

At the request of the applicant's declaration may be replaced by certification.
  • According to para. 5 of Article 8 TR CU 010/2011: According to para. 2 of Article 7 TR CU 004/2011: According to the decision of the applicant's declaration in lieu of compliance in respect of machinery and (or) equipment included in the list referred to in paragraph 1, item 4 this article may be performed by certification schemes Certification schemes equivalent declaration of conformity provided for cars and (or) equipment this technical regulation, including the absence or inadequacy of the applicant's own evidence of conformity requirements hereof.
For more information about choosing a certificate or declaration TR CU.

Do I have to make out a declaration TR CU 004/2011, TR CU 020/2011 on pumps and pumping units?
Currently, most of the certification bodies to draw up offers pumps and pumping stations declaration from TR CU 010/2011, TR CU 004/2011, TR CU 020/2011. The cost of the declaration does not change, but to the customer at the time of operation will be less problems. But it must be clearly understood, the pump itself is not covered by TR CU 004/2011, TR CU 020/2011. Under Data TR CU drives nasosovg fall, and in the case of assemblies, piping. In 90% of pumps used in the manufacture of purchased actuators (motors). The most appropriate solution to the manufacturer, will require the supplier of drives for declarations / certificates TR CU Low voltage equipment, TR CU EMC when buying components.

A set of documents on explosion-proof pumps
Explosion-proof pumps and pumping units are required to have a certificate of conformity TR CU 012/2011 (TR CU equipment used in potentially explosive environments) and a declaration TR CU 010/2011. Certificate TR CU 012/2011 does not replace the declaration IOI since for the certification of TR CU explosion are not checked by the requirements of GOST pumps (GOST 22247-96 (ISO 2858-75) cantilever centrifugal pumps for water. Basic parameters and dimensions. Safety requirements. Methods of control, GOST 31839-2012 (EN 809: 1998) Pumps and pump units for liquids. General safety requirements GOST 31835-2012 Borehole Pumps rod. GOST 31840-2012 Submersible pumps and pump units) and so on. A complete list of standards to the TR CU 010/2011 can be downloaded here: a new list of guests to the TR CU 010/2011 approved. Commission Decision of the Customs Union on 18 October 2011 No 823 (as amended by Decisions of the Board of Eurasian Economic Commission on May 19, 2015 No 55)
Not in any way is not made in the explosion-proof pumps declaration TR CU 004/2011, as TR CU HBO does not apply to equipment used in explosive environments.
A sufficient set of documents: Certificate TR CU 012/2011 and declaration TR CU 010/2011 (the declaration, at the request of the applicant may be replaced by certification).
For certification of Ex pumps necessarily assigning a single explosion-proof marking. Having a certificate for the engine is not enough. Moreover, for the certification of non-electrical explosion-proof equipment is absolutely necessary to develop the ignition hazard assessment (including GOST 31441.1 - 2011 and a common methodology GOST R 55816-2013)

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