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Technical devices used at hazardous production facilities (Article 7, Federal law-116)
Mandatory requirements for technical devices used at a hazardous production facility and the forms of assessment of their compliance with such mandatory requirements are established in accordance with the Russian Federation law on Technical regulation. (Federal Law of 27.12.2002 № 184-FZ "On Technical Regulation").
If technical regulations do not establish (means, you can't make any TR CU certificate/declaration) any other form of conformity assessment of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities, with mandatory requirements for such technical devices, they are subject to the industrial safety assessment in the following cases:
- before the use at a hazardous production facility;
- upon the end of their service life, or in case of an excess of the number of load cycles of such technical devices established by their manufacturers;
- in case of the absence in the technical documentation of data about the service life of such technical devices, provided the actual service life has exceeded twenty years;
- after the work performance related to the change in design, or to the substitution of the material of the bearing elements of this technical device, or after the repair performed as a result of an accident or incident at hazardous production facilities, which resulted in the damage of a technical device.

Operating permit scheme


List of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities, which are not subject to the requirement of conducting the mandatory assessment of conformity with the requirements of Technical regulations of the Customs Union, and therefore these technical devices are subject to the industrial safety assessment before their use at hazardous production facilities:

General Provisions:

-All devices which were in operation, without the issued permissive documents (Certificate (Declaration) of TR CU, Operating Permit, Industrial safety assessment);

-Technical devices produced for manufacturers’ own needs, which are included in the list of TR CU 010/2011 “On the safety of machines and equipment".

- Components and spare parts for machines and equipment, which are included in the list of TR CU 010/2011 “On the safety of machines and equipment"

List of technical devices according to types of industry:
1. Hoisting machines:
- hoists ( hoist towers) excluding scaffold towers
- chairlifts
- escalators in underground.
2. Mineral enrichment equipment:
- separators,
- mineral processing furnaces,
- mineral processing installations.
3. Equipment for oil and gas producing and gas processing facilities: -technical devices used for perforation works; 
4. Equipment and technical devices for major pipeline transport facilities:
- pipes for major pipeline transport;
- connecting parts (flanges, elbows, tees, reducers);
- technical devices of a line pipe (flanged wells, launching / receiving devices of treatment and diagnostic tools, cleaning devices and in-line inspection, alarm devices);
- high-voltage equipment (the voltage exceeding 1 kV) for the power supply facilities of major pipeline transport;
-assemblies and blocks of booster pump stations of major pipelines (excluding vessels);
- assemblies and blocks of gas pumping stations of trunk gas pipelines, including gas pumping units (excluding vessels).
5. Technical devices for the metallurgy (excluding foundry equipment - TR CU 010): Note: It is obligatory to have metal melts or highly explosive or chemically hazardous substances as a part of the equipment,
- equipment of gas industry, metallurgical and coke enterprises and industries;
- steelmaking equipment;
- equipment of blast-furnace production;
- equipment for production of alumina, aluminum, magnesium, crystalline silicon and electrothermal silumin;
- rolling-mill machinery;
- antimony production equipment and its compounds;
- equipment for production of aluminum, magnesium and alloys based on them;
- equipment for production of nickel, copper and cobalt;
- equipment for production of precious metals, alloys and semi-finished products; - tube and pipe production equipment;
- equipment of coke production;
- equipment for production of lead and zinc;
- equipment of ferroalloy production; 
- equipment for production and consumption of air separation products at steel facilities;
- equipment for production of zirconium, hafnium and their compounds, titanium and titanium powders;
- equipment for mercury production;
- equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
- equipment for production of tin and alloys on its basis;
- equipment of semiconductor materials (germanium and silicon).
6. Equipment and technical devices of gas supply systems (gas distribution and gas consumption systems):
- polyethylene fittings and connectors;
- gas furnaces used for technological purposes;
- industrial technological installations using gaseous fuels;
- gas distribution stations and installations (except for ancillary equipment under pressure covered by TR CU 032);
- gas filling stations and their blocks for fueling motor vehicles (except for ancillary equipment under pressure covered by TR CU 032);
- complete equipment for the operation with liquefied hydrocarbon gases (except for ancillary equipment under pressure covered by TR CU 032);
7. Technological equipment of Petrochemical industry (except for ancillary equipment under pressure covered by TR CU 032);
- units (including modular units) of petrochemical industry;
- complete devices of petrochemical industry;
- liquid filters, vacuum filters, pressure filters;
- grinding equipment (grinding mills), mixers; batchers and feeders; granulators; crystallization vat; extractors; bunkers;
- cooling towers; air cooling units;
- pneumatic drives and pneumatic automation; hydraulic drives and hydraulic automation; 
- mechanical seals of rotating shafts of machines and devices.
- storage reservoir for products and reagents;
- systems and devices of emergency protection, signaling and monitoring, without equipment in its composition;
8. Equipment for petroleum product supply
- reservoirs operating without excessive pressure; - handling (discharge - filling ) facilities;
- devices for tank cleaning;
- equipment of tank farms.
9. Equipment for transportation of hazardous goods (tanks, specialized containers), except for vessels working under pressure.
10. Equipment and instruments used in the design, manufacture and storage of explosive materials, and products containing them. Equipment and instruments used in the performance of blasting operations.
11. Equipment for in-line inspection of major pipelines, intra-field and local distribution pipelines designed for the transportation of gas, oil and other products.
12. High-voltage equipment (voltage exceeding 1 kV) for the power supply of hazardous production facilities, including switchgear and transformer substations.
13. Equipment working under pressure, made of non-metallic flexible (elastic) membrane.
14. Equipment for the utilization of gaseous, finely dispersed and liquid emissions and effluents.