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How to get TR CU Certificate (TR CU 032/2013 or TR TS 032/2013, Operating Permit, GOST R Certificate) for equipment working under pressure.
Equipment working under pressure was always strictly controlled by Russian Government organizations, such as ROSTECHNADZOR. Before 01.01.2014 for using equipment working under pressure manufacture had to get Operating Permit (document was given for 5 years), and if equipment, such as vessels and boilers needed GOST R certificate, also had to get both GOST R certificate (now certificate of custom union or TR CU 032/2013 certificate) and Operating Permit. Above is example of operating permit.

Now according to Russian Legistation (federal law 116), for using of equipment working under pressure you don't need Operating Permit. You just need to make certificate of TR CU 032 "Technical Regulation of Custom Union "On Safety of Equipment Working Under Pressure" or declaration of conformity TR CU 032 (how to choose declaration you need or certificate, read below). All Operating permit, which were given earlier are valued for a time, which is written in Operating permit.
  Example of Operating Permit

How to understand if your equipment working under pressure needs TR CU 032 or not?
The best way is to send documents for and in one day our experts will give you answer what you need certificate or declaration, you need only TR CU 032/2013 or any other technical Regulations, or maybe you don't need TR CU at all.

But if you want to check it your self, first of all, download english version of TR CU 032/2013 (TR CU 032 "On Safety of Equipment Working Under Pressure"). DOWNLOAD TR CU 032/2013 in english.

TR CU 032/2013 covers high pressure equipment, its parts and components, safety devices:
a) - d) vessels, bottles, barrels, tanks, including tank containers with a capacity of more than 0.0001 and having a maximum allowable operating pressure of above 0.05 MPa. Detailed characteristics (pressure, volume and operating temperature can be checked in table given in Annex to TR CU 032).

e) boilers having a capacity of more than 0,002 cubic meter designed to produce hot water at a temperature above 110 degrees Celsius, or vapor the high pressure of which is above 0.05 MPa, as well as fire-heated vessels having a capacity of more than 0,002 cubic meter (Table 5 of Annex No 1 to this technical regulation);

f)-i) pipelines having the maximum allowable operating pressure of above 0.05 MPa, the nominal diameter of more than 25 mm (Detailed characteristics (pressure, volume and operating temperature can be checked in table given in Annex to TR CU 032).;

j) equipment parts (assembly units) and its components designed to be accomodated on the equipment and to withstand the pressure;

k) valves with the nominal diameter of more than 25 for the equipment with working environment of Group 1, the nominal diameter of more than 32 for the equipment used for the gases with the working environment of Group 2, with nominal diameter of more than 200 for pipelines intended for liquids used for working environments of Group 2; ATTENTION! All valves working under pressure are checked by tables of Pipelines. 
Certificate TR CU 032/2013 for gauges, indicating and safety devices Certificate or declaration TR CU 032/2013 for valves, cranes etc. Certificate TR CU 032/2013 for vessels, boilers and equipment working under high pressure

l) indicating and safety devices;

m) low-pressure chambers (except single medical ones); 

BE CAREFUL: not all equipment working under pressure needs to have TR CU 032/2013 certificate or declaration. For example pumps and compressors don't need to have TR CU 032/2013 certificate. About certification of pumps for TR CU (and GOST R certification of pumps) read here TR CU certificate of pumps.

APPLIER for certification or declaration TR CU
According to rules of Custom Union (this information is written in all technical regulation (an exception is TR CU 004/2011, in this TR in some cases applier can be an international company) Apllier for certification (declaration) TR CU 032/2013 can be only company, which is officially registrated on the territory of Custom Union (Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan) and which has contract of represantative of foreign manufacture in the case of conformity of equipment to requirements of TR CU .

Be careful, if subsidiary of international company is working as a "филиал" (working on territory of Russia, but working according to laws of mane company registration country law) and doesn't  have "ОГРН" (official registration number), it can't be applier.

For your convenient we can give you service of Represantative (decision for whom we give this service depends on business history of company, and in some cases on the results of certification tests).

In what case you need this:
  • you just coming to Russian (or CU) market, and still don't have partner, who can be your representative
  • you are not sure in your Russian partner (sometimes companies ask for exclusive rights, and then starts to sell equipment of your competitor). We are nor selling equipment, so we will be your longterm partner.
  • you have several partners. In this case better to have third side, for not to be in situation then one of your partners (who is representative) we'll tell you that he don't give a right to any other company use the certificate)
Why choose us as representative?
- We are interested to make certification faster.
- We'll check all documents (manual etc.) according to rules of TR CU, so you'll never have any fine for this.
- Our experts have links to government controlling organizations.
- We are professionals in certification laws, so we can help you with custom clearance, giving definitions and official letters about this.

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE GOOD PARTNER AND NEED EXAMPLE OF CONTRACT OF REPRESENTATIVE, write us for we'll sent you example of contract (contract can be changed, cause there is no strict rules for this type of contract).

How to get TR CU Certificate (TR CU 032/2013, Operating Permit, GOST R Certificate) for equipment working under pressure.
1. You sent as documents for equipment, e.g. manual (we can get documents in English, and other languages) (with information about maximum working pressure, volume (or diameter), information about atmospheres inside (liquid or gas, what type).
2. Our experts, check with tables of TR CU 032/2013 what you need certificate or declaration (in some cases e.g. for valves, which have big range of working pressure and diameters, you may need both certificate and declaration.
3. According to type of documents and your product range (different quantity of tests) we give you official commercial offer.
4. We make contract with you (two language contract, the ability to make 50% prepayment, the second part after sending you scan of certiticate)
5. We make application according to CU rules, representative sign it, sent us scan. We register application.
6. We sent you list of document we need in scan (e.g. manual, passports etc.). If you can't make some documents according rules of CU, our experts can prepare all need documents (according information you give as manufacture).
7. One expert goes for factory audit (only for certificate for 3/5 years). Factory audit is made like ISO 9001 audit, but only about certified equipment.
8. For big equipment (vessels, big valves, boilers etc. certification tests are made on factory). For small equipment expert choose equipment for testing.

9. After factory audit, testing, and checking of documents is finished, we prepare project of certificate or declaration TR CU 032/2013.
10. If everything in project is write, we print certificate on official blanc and register it in official register on Russian accreditation government web site All certificates and declaration can be checked there. In our contract for certification we give guarantee for your certificate we'll be in register!
11. After certification is finished we sent you original of certificate for equipment working under pressure by DHL (with out extra payments).

As you see procedure is very clear and safety for you! Be careful, don't believe to companies who says that they don't need to go to factory audit or to make test. Such certificates we'll be canceled by Russian government organizations!
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*manual, drawings, foreign certificate (if you have). If you have only basic information about equipment, just sent it, and our experts we'll tell you if it's enough.
Example of TR CU 032/2013 (TR TS 032/2013) certificate.
Title of certificate TR CU 032/2013 has information about equipment, name of manufacture and applicant, number of factory audit and test report, information about dates of validation. List of standards for TR CU 032/2013 certificate. This annex may be used, may be not, depend on, if manufacture use Russian standards (GOST R) or not. Full list of equipment. In the case, when there is a big range of equipment, or it has different custom code, or manufacture has list of plants additional annex is made.