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If you need TR CU Certificate (EAC certificate) for custom or to sell equipment in Russia, Belarus, Kazakstan for exact type of equipment go for links, or read bellow:
Russian certification (GOST R certificates, certificates or declarations for Russia and Custom Union, TR CU or TR TS).
Scheme of certification for industrial equipment for Russia
Scheme of certification for industrial equipment for Russia
All other type of certification and mandatory documents for Russia:
Verification of measuring instruments. Federal Agency of Technical Regulating and Metrology, VNIIMS and State register of measuring
Vehicle Type Approval
Letter from Russian Research Institute for Certification JSC. Letter for custom if your equipment is not covered by TR (national TR or TR CU) or GOST R certification/declaration. (with help of certification center).
Validation of welding equipment by welding control national agency (NAKS)  

The best and the fastest way to get certificate is working with Russian company with english speaking experts, but not with intermediary business which is sitting in your company. More about advantages of certification for foreign manufacture.

With the entry into force of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment are now experiencing more and more problems to define what kind of permits they need to have to be able to sale and operate their equipment. Due to the fact that the GC ENDURANCE has a team of experts accredited on all main technical regulations of the Customs Union (hereinafter TR CU), and experts in the field of industrial safety assessments, we are always able to accurately determine in which case you should receive a certificate or declaration and in any permit application we check the documents for compliance with the latest requirements of the normative documents and carry out relevant tests. This is especially important now, because according to item 4 of the Regulation on a common sign of products in the market of states - members of the Customs Union (approved by the decision of the Commission of the Customs Union on July 15, 2011 No. 711, considering amendments, approved by Decision of the Commission of the Customs Union September 23, 2011 № 800) labeling of products with a Unified mark should be carried out only in the event that its compliance was verified with the safety requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, which apply to these products. 

An integrated approach allows you not only get all necessary permits in a single organization, but also to reduce the time limits spent on obtainig Certificates of Conformity (Conformity Declaration) due to the the simultaneous operation of a specialist  in the certification, of an expert in the compliance confirmation and test laboratory. A lot of experience, including many foreign manufacturers, allows you to find the right solutions, even in non-standard cases, to take into account the work requirements for foreign certification bodies.
In case of the compliance confirmation of products, we examine the compliance of products with standards and we inform on the newly introduced requirements and standards for your products, and new laws and amendments in the field of the conformity confirmation, as well as we offer high-quality solutions to the current situation in the shortest possible time!
Certification of valves TR CU 032/2013 (equipment under pressure) TR CU 010/2011 (machinery and equipment) Certification (declaration of conformity) for low voltage equipment (TR CU 004/2011 + TR CU 020-2011 (EMC) Factory audit for certification of machinery and equipment and explosion proof equipment

- All types of documents needed for selling, operation of equipment
- English speaking experts and specialists
- Analyzing technical documents in English, the ability of technical translation (via subcontracted agencies)
- Great experience of working with foreign companies (e.g. the USA, Canada, Europe, Korea, China etc.)
- For those companies which do not have their RepOffice in Russia, we can become their official Representative in the Customs Union.
- Responsibility (In accoedance with item 2.12 of the Certification Rules in Russia (decree N26, of 10.05.2000 with amendments #1, approved by decree #57 of 05.07.2002) 
- Dollar and Euro accounts, ability of 50% prepayment
- 5 years 100% consulting during validation of certificate/declaration
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*manual, drawings, foreign certificate (if you have). If you have only basic information about equipment, just sent it, and our experts we'll tell you if it's enough.

We can make certificates and declarations for all TR CU (with the exception of the equipment of the nuclear industry and railway equipment). We have accreditation for TR CU:
• On the safety of machinery and equipment (TR CU 010/2011)
• On the safety of equipment to be operated in explosive atmospheres (more about TR CU 012/2011 certification)
• On the safety of gas-fired devices (TR CU 016/2011)
• On the safety of low-voltage equipment (TR CU 004/2011)
• Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means (TR CU 020/2011)
• On the safety of equipment working under high pressure (more about TR CU 032/2013 certification)

High professional level of employees

An important advantage of our center is a team of 14 technicians and experts who have a broad experience in the field of conformity assessment of various types of equipment and in performing complex tests.

The experts have been trained at the Academy of Standardization, Metrology and Certification (ASMC) and received Certificates of experts’ competency in certification in the Register of the certification system. Since 2013, the experts of ENDURANCE LCC have been included by RusAccreditation in the Register of experts dealing with the confirmation of products’ compliance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.

Also, the employees of ENDURANCE are competent experts in the field of industrial safety of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities of the chemical, petrochemical and refining industries,
as well as other potentially explosive and chemically hazardous production facilities, and when conducting certification, they take into account all requirements to the documents imposed by Rostechnadzor

links for government organizations
  Federal accreditation  Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology