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The pandemic and the crisis associated with it have affected many areas of activity, including the field of certification. The new reality dictates new rules: it is necessary to minimize personal contacts of citizens, reduce the financial and administrative burden on business and maintain the performance of enterprises. Let's tell you how to conduct a remote audit as part of the procedure for confirming compliance with the requirements of the TR CU during the pandemic.

Process of remote audit organization

The scheme of executing an audit consists of of 9 steps:

Checking the feasibility of

the procedure

Audit planning, Selection of tools

Appointment of the date and time of the audit

Discussing the specifics

of the audit with the

client, testing techniques

Preparing the client for the audit, providing documents at the auditor's request

Conducting remote audit

Drawing up and submitting a report to the client

Elimination of non-compliance by the client, if they are revealed

Issuance of TR CU certificate

Experts of the Endurance will help you select

technology and conduct remote audits

Preparing for a remote audit

In order to conduct an audit, you are required to providethe Endurance auditor everything they need to do their job:



The auditor must have access to company employees



If necessary, the examiner will request documentation by e-mail for examination

Enterprise access


At the request of the auditor, it may be necessary to visit the enterprise via video link

Internet connection


Before the audit, it is necessary to test programs for video conferencing and make sure that

the Internet connection is stable.

Information protection measures


These include secure communication channels, permissions for screenshots, use of a password for documents, etc.

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How to get a certificate after an audit?


  • By email.

    We will scan the certificates

    and applications to them and send

    to your email.

  • Express delivery.

    We organize contactless delivery

    all documentation for a convenient

    for you address.


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